About Us


M&B Operating was founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 2008. The company was formed by Richard D. Mote with the purpose of acquiring, exploring, and producing oil and gas. The formation brought with it an array of experience, knowledge and a network of industry connections needed to become the success that it is today.


President and Chief of Operations Richard D. Mote has been working in the industry since 1979. He worked outside of his family business to learn the trade from the ground up. He was responsible for the discovery of many fields including:

  1. E-conglomarate - Montage County, Texas
  2. Frass Tonkawa - Lipscomb County, Texas
  3. Camp Colorado Gunsight - Coleman County, Texas
  4. Mote Ellenburger - Clay County, Texas
  5. 7 Rivers Reef - Eddy County, New Mexico
  6. Tonne - San Andres - Tom Green County, Texas with Augusta Partners

and many others...

Our mission is to provide integrity and value through the development, exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

Since the inception of M&B Operating we have pursued our vision to grow and optimize the value of our interest holders. We maintain a responsible operating and financial approach in conducting business. M&B Operating is positioned to take advantage of current and future trends in oil and natural gas production.